local church initiative

One of our primary focuses is to help empower local churches to develop ministries for special needs people and their families. The King’s Table Ministries can provide a road map to help church leadership know how to champion and build an effective special-needs ministry in their church. We want to provide consultation and assist in developing special needs ministries and programs in your local church. We are equipped to meet with church leaders to help cast a vision for this important ministry opportunity that can significantly impact your church as well as the community around you.


the opportunity is HUGE

It is estimated that only one tenth of 1% of the people born with cognitive impairments attend a Bible-based church. The impact on the body of Christ is significant when a church decides to open the doors to meet the needs of these very special children of God.


they need to be cared for just like everyone else

The people with special needs are part of the flock and they need to be Shepherded and cared for like everyone else. Sometimes it's easier to look away than to actually invite them in — but the responsibility is there just the same. They need to be loved, nurtured, cared-for, taught, strengthened, encouraged, challenged, prayed with, and hugged just like every other person who enters your church community. It's a great opportunity and a great responsibility.


they have gifts to share too

People with special needs also have gifts that God has given them for acts of service. Just like everyone, God has a purpose for their life and expects them to use the gifts he's given them to serve. Why should they miss out on that blessing in their lives?!


a faith like no other

In all of our years working with people who have special needs, it has become very clear that they very often have a genuine child-like faith that moves mountains, and they love people unconditionally. If we can learn from them to have the same kind of simple faith and overflowing love, surely the world around us will be changed and impacted like we can't even imagine!


the golden key to evangelism right in front of our noses

We believe that special-needs people are the golden key to evangelism for the world. Think about it — they exist in every city, state and country. They come in all sizes, shapes, color and race. They represent every religious group around the world. By loving and caring for them the way are supposed to, we engage a relationship with them and their families, care-givers and teachers. This servant relationship opens doors for communication that can be opened no other way. To people who usually find themselves the outcasts of society, it can be the breath life they so desperately crave.



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