the lincoln school project

Lincoln School is a public school located in Grand Rapids, Michigan that creatively teaches students with special needs ages 5 through 26. Over the years we have developed a mutually beneficial strategic relationship with the school that has opened the doors for ministry. It is this important training ground that has inspired The King’s Table Ministries and prepared us to replicate what we've achieved here and help other churches partner with special needs schools in their communities.

Our work at Lincoln School is a perfect example of how serving the community opens the way for real ministry to happen. The King’s Table Ministries has been the catalyis that connects the church with the school, opening the door for the church to provide valuable services to the school. In exchange the people of the church are able to get to know the students, their families, and the school staff. In time, that important connection brings people to the church where they can experience all that the church has to offer.


clothing protectors

We make and donate 450 bibs each year for students at the school. We call them “clothing protectors,” and the students, families, and staff love them. It’s become an important service that we can provide — as simple as it is — and it does make a difference.


staff appreciation luncheon

Each year we put on a luncheon to honor the invaluable service of the 250 dedicated teachers, education professionals and support staff at the school. It’s an event that teachers look forward to every year and really helps show our appreciation for the work they do in our community.



We coordinate an annual adopt-a-family program that ensures families in need will receive special gifts for Christmas. Families in the church sign up and provide clothing, toys, food and supplies for low-income families with disabled children. It’s a great outreach opportunity that connects people in the church with families in need. Another great way to develop relationships!


annual picnic and carnival

Each year The King’s Table Ministries takes on the huge task of planning, coordinating, and staffing the school’s annual picnic and carnival. It’s a lot of work, but a very rewarding opportunity to provide an extremely valuable service to the school.


school beautification

We are in the midst of managing a 10-year landscaping and beautification project for Lincoln School. Each year The King’s Table Ministries coordinates an opportunity for the church and school community to work together on projects designed to improve the landscaping surrounding the school. It’s a great way for people from the church to work with the students and their families, and provides an awesome opportunity for students to experience the feeling of accomplishment while doing something special for their school and community.


connecting families with churches

Of course, a primary focus of our ministry is always connecting families with the churches. Creating opportunities for people of the church to interact with the families at the school is what it’s all about. In time, many of those connections result in people getting connecting with a church that has specific programs designed to minister to special needs people and their families.










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