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In 1981, David Gallagher witnessed the miracle of birth with his first child. Moments into Katie's life she was proudly held in her dad's arms as he gazed upon her with great joy. This joy was only to last for moments as the experts explained that this "mongoloid" would never talk, walk, or be anything but a burden. This young father soon realized he had no choice but to trust God and he soon began to discover the blessing this little girl would be in his life.

When Sally Gallagher was 3 years old, her sister Connie was born with what was then diagnosed as severe mental retardation. She was institutionalized at a young age, which was typical during that time. In time, these facilities began shutting and Connie moved back home with her family. As Connie's parents are now getting older, Sally has become Connie's guardian. The two have a very special bond and a great relationship that has very much been life-changing for Sally.

In 2002, Sally and David met and were soon married. It was that common understanding of what it's like to have a loved one with developmental disability that first connected the two. David was the Director of Special Needs Ministry at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids,Michigan, and Sally was his assistant. It was in these imporant ministry roles that they began to work together and be part of creating this very unique ministry.

The King’s Table Ministries was born out of a desire to help the church reach into the community and partner with the public schools that were serving people with special needs, their families, and staff. David was inspired by 2 Samuel 9, which illustrates that ALL life has value, ALL are made in the image of God, and His Son died so that ALL would have the opportunity to accept His invitation to the King's table.

Today, Sally Gallagher is leading the crusade to be the catalyst that helps to connect evangelical churches throughout the country with special education schools. There are literally thousands of schools in the US serving hundreds-of-thousands of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and undoubtedly every one of them has a church nearby looking for opportunities to reach more people for Christ. The King's Table Ministries wants to connect churches with special needs schools, one by one, until every school has a church partner. We are only beginning to realize how huge this opportunity is for the church to reach out and serve these special people, their families and caregivers.


our mission

Our mission is to motivate and equip the Body of Christ to reach out to individuals impacted by developmental and intellectual disabilities.


our vision

We want to be the catalyst that helps to connect evangelical churches throughout the country with special education schools.


ministry presence

The King's Table Ministries has an office within Lincoln School, a special education school operated by the Grand Rapids Public School District. This allows our leadership to have daily visibility with staff, students and parents. Our strategic alliance with Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provides a great deal of the volunteer support for programs we've initated to serve the school and the church connection where real ministry happens. This "circle of community" is the essence of The King's Table Ministries.



The King's Table Ministries relies completely on donations for its funding and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax exempt as allowable by current IRS guidelines. Please consider making a donation to The King's Table Ministries.










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