the catalyst connecting the church with special education schools

The King’s Table Ministries is all about connecting the church and the message of Christ with the disabled community. It is estimated that only one tenth of 1% of the people born with cognitive impairments attend a Bible-based church — and we are working to change that staggering statistic one student, one family and one school at a time.


how it all works

Over several years, The King's Table Ministries has developed a successful strategy that allows the church to build a unique partnership with local special needs schools that literally opens the doors for ministry to happen. Creating opportunities for people of the church to interact with the families at the school is what it’s all about. In time, many of those friendships result in people getting connected with the church where real transformation can happen. It's exciting to see how following Christ's example of serving others can become the key to reaching an entirely new ministry field that might otherwise have been missed.


our vision

Our vision is to be the catalyst that helps to connect evangelical churches throughout the country with special education schools. There are literally thousands of schools in the US serving hundreds-of-thousands of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and undoubtedly every one of them has a church nearby looking for opportunities to reach more people for Christ. We want to connect a church with a special needs school, one by one, until every school has a church partner. We are only beginning to realize how huge this opportunity is for the church to reach out and serve these special people, their families and caregivers.










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